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about us

Lair of Abraxas is a Geek sanctuary, where you can come to relax, unwind, enjoy games, tea, a boutique, and share in the Geek culture.

Started by owners Riva & Red, the vision was simple. Create a safe, inviting place for all nerds, geeks, persons of all fandoms and sub-cultures, to come and enjoy tea, e-hookah and other refreshments alongside their peers.

Offering many things to drink, smoke, read and play, the Lair of Abraxas is the best spot to indulge your nerdy sides. With a library of hundreds of books, and over 300 board games, the Lair will keep you entertained and happy long into the night.



(720) 502-2142



12004 Melody Dr,
Westminster, CO




TUE-SUN 5pm-2am


TUE-THUR 5pm-12am              FRI-SUN 5pm-1am


We sell a lot of dice in store and at conventions. Here’s a sneak peak!

Glow in the dark…METAL DICE!? Yup. We have them. Save you feet should your dice bag spill because those d4s are caltrops! Impress your group with some stylish dice. Come on in and see what else we have.

Great hall Menu

Karaoke Night at the Lair! Every 1st and 3rd Sunday <3

We have theme nights! Recent themes are: 80’s night, Disney Songs, and Octoberfest Drinking songs!

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To date, we currently house over 300 games. You are welcome to come in, peruse the inventory book, and pick something to play. We have games that are suited for any size party, from one person games to a full house. Come on in to play Mysterium, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, Cards Against Humanity, Azul, Uno, Life, Clue, or even Monopoly. 


Valhalla Nights

Every other month or so we have large events that span both the Lair, the Hall, and even outside during the warmer months!

We untap special kegs, bring in live entertainment, and support other local business with vendor sections. We always strive to have a charity aspect to our events. For Valhalla Night of 1,000 Veils, we donated $500 to the Anythink Library on Huron! For ValHallow’s Eve, almost $600 went to Toys for Tots! Dark Yule totals for charity still pending - TBA

To find out more about Valhalla’s past and present - check out our Facebook or scroll down for more pictures.




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